Horror Resources

Branch of Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd). Association of publishing professionals, including editors, designers, illustrators, typesetters, proofreaders, desktop publishers and publishing consultants dedicated to excellence in publishing in Queensland. Seminars and workshops are held regularly.

The Adelaide Writers’ Week is Adelaide’s premier literary festival.

A non-profit organisation for Australian and New Zealand writers of horror. Brings together professional and amateur writers, while improving the general understanding of what horror is in literature and exposing the genre to a wider audience. Offers support and mentoring programs, critiquing , writing and publication articles, the latest news, state of the market reports (including agents, magazines and publishing houses), magazine subscription discounts, information about competitions, anthologies and annual conferences.

Varuna, the National Writers House invites writers living in New South Wales and the greater Sydney area to apply for a two-week residency at this historic home in the Blue Mountains. Residency dates for 2017 are 11-24 September. For full details of the program and to apply, see the website.

Varuna – The Writers’ House

Perth International Arts Festival curates and presents an annual arts festival of the highest international quality. PIAF aspires to create new work and stimulate discourse about Western Australia and our place in a complex and political world. As a sub-strand of PIAF, the Perth Writers Festival aims to showcase and celebrate the written and spoken word. Participants include poets, novelists, social commentators, filmmakers, artists and musicians.

Perth International Arts Festival